#NPM2012: Prompt 20

I’m certain you’ve a song to sing.  Go for it.

8 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 20

  1. Voice:
    the thing that comes through
    when no one but you
    is alone on that stage,
    immersed in love and trembling in rage
    Walking out into the spotlight.
    Go ahead: write.
    Your voice will ring out tonight with

  2. mselke01 says:

    My poem isn’t about the singer…

    If life is a song

    Some are the drums
    Steady and stalwart
    Keeping the beat
    Pounding and raucous
    Or softly insistent
    Keeping the beat
    Never faltering
    Never wavering
    Keeping the beat

    Then the spotlight shifts,
    And it is solo time.

    Even the stalwart,
    The steady,
    The softly insistent
    Will shine.

  3. looking for a duet in this big noisy world
    can you keep up with the beat?
    serenade me with your thoughts on love
    croon for me your hopes and dreams

  4. a dream
    realized long after the kids were gone
    singing of a new beginning
    taking a risk
    singing a song of new independence
    it’s her turn for the spotlight.

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