#NPM2012: Prompt 21


8 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 21

  1. Me?
    You want me to come and join the crew
    kicking the ball into the net
    when I have this load of books in my arms
    and tests to study for, and lessons for plan for,
    and dinner to plan, and dogs to walk and …
    and ….
    You want me to come play with you?
    I’m so there.

  2. mselke01 says:


    On any ordinary day
    There is pushing and shoving,
    Whining and grousing.
    Tempers flare and sometimes
    Fists fly.

    Today, a wide grin
    Replaces the surly stare.
    He gazes raptly at
    His older brother.
    Shouting, cheering,
    Reveling in each
    Small victory.

    Proudly he turns to the
    Puffing up his chest he
    “That’s my brother!”

  3. I scream through the fence at anyone on the other side
    come play come on
    the concrete and wire are screaming too
    come pound come on
    we all come together for a common

  4. hey!
    Can you kick the ball over here?
    we have crucial business here on the blacktop
    more important than your hurried pace
    cell phone in hand
    to-do list blinking from the screen
    notice us,
    and take yourself out of the digital world
    and come play with the real people in the world.

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