#NPM2012: Prompt 19

Meeting adjourned.  What’d you figure out?

8 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 19

  1. In the corner of the board next to the algorithms and computations
    is where I scribbled my name when no one was looking –
    I left a little piece of me here in this meeting room
    as you droned on and on about price fluctuations
    and market caps and other nonsense that made my mind wander
    just a little bit.

  2. mselke01 says:

    Just finished another week of state testing, so I’m feeling just a tad jaded…

    Empty room –
    Empty words deface the board

    Decisions made by those
    With no real understanding of the
    Day to day existence of those
    Living in the trenches

    They smiled
    Swaggered and strutted
    Buzz words swarming

    New directives
    New incentives
    New penalties

    Another swing
    of the pendulum

    But who will really pay?

  3. Midge says:

    Is there anything like
    a long boring meeting
    finally ended
    to rekindle dreams
    of “School’s out!”

  4. an energy has disappeared
    tables cleared and chairs left empty
    but thinking minds were left behind
    scribed for future conversations
    yet stalled until the lights go out

  5. modern ideas
    recorded on an old fashioned black board
    a record of thoughts and ideas,
    to be interpreted by the next visitor
    seemed so important at the time
    but I bet
    the room is empty
    because someone finally looked out the window,
    noticed the sun
    and realized walking together talking
    would solve issues in a more productive way

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