#NPM2012: Prompt 15

Go on.  It’s good for you.  What else would be good for you to be doing right now?

9 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 15

  1. I should be:
    out running in the rain
    dancing beneath the stars again
    writing that book I hear in my mind
    cooking that meal that you desire
    singing that song that moves you to tears
    composing the poem that will shake lose my fears
    but, no, I am still here,
    typing about the things I should be doing
    before I do the things I will be writing about
    tomorrow …

  2. My mind is full of the shoulds,
    I should
    eat right and go to the gym
    get more sleep
    worry less and play more
    write this and that and the other thing
    and tackle that to do list
    the in-box and the stack of papers in a tub
    next to me full of student voices needing a response
    instead I will
    I play in the digital world
    linger over breakfast with my husband
    make lunch for friends I haven’t seen in awhile
    take a walk in the sun with my puppy
    text my kids just to check in
    and take a breath
    before it all begins again

  3. Into that dark, verdant broccoli stand,
    I venture.
    My avatar strikes out
    amongst vibrant orange,

    Boc Choy underfoot.
    Wearing an onion skin,
    We are
    Glazed in silky Corn Starch sauce.

    Amongst vegetable companions,
    Seeking, exploring, finding,
    a new world.
    A New World anew.

    A world imagined
    On a dinner plate.

    And then,
    in hungry, ravenous gulps,
    and gone,
    in all
    my lingering imagination.


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