#NPM2012: Prompt 14

Sometimes, it pours.

10 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 14

  1. (note: I have not idea why this picture of what seems to be rain sparked the idea of a fire and love. Sometimes, the brain works in funny way.)

    Ashes, falling from the sky,
    tumble toward my hands like drops of rain –
    I let them slip slowly to the ground;

    We move in closer to the fire
    to gather warmth, to touch embers,
    to remember that out here,
    in this wilderness where the dark descends suddenly,
    all we really have is each other.

    You stoke the fire with a stick, thinking;
    I play with the matches,
    striking flint to create the sparks
    that draw you closer to my fireworks.

    I watch your eyes, wandering;
    Wondering: your thoughts seem so far away,
    so that I am nothing more than a distant photograph
    waiting to curl up along the edges from the heat.

    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/424607

  2. mselke01 says:

    “Into every life a little rain must fall”
    Declared with a dour expression
    By those who have forgotten
    Simpler days

    Stomping – this way and that –
    Which gives the biggest splash?

    Squishy galoshes
    Head tilted back to catch
    A drop on my tongue

    Dance in the drizzle
    Prance in the puddles
    Caper in the cloudburst

    Questing for rainbows?
    No! Reveling in the raindrops

    Secure in the knowledge
    Of tomato soup and
    Gooey grilled cheese
    To drive away the chills

  3. Danya Y. says:

    One morning I woke up, yawning.
    I looked out the window.
    There was something white covering everything.
    Snow! White Snow!
    I quickly wore my clothes,
    While thinking about all the fun
    I am going to have.
    I went outside,
    And played with the snow with my brother,
    Made a snowman,
    And also snow angels
    Were painted on the white snow
    That looked just like us.
    It had been a long time
    Since I have seen it snowed
    Like that day.
    How I wish now it would snow,
    But it is not that cold today.

  4. It’s April, not a time for storms yet…
    The joy
    of standing amongst the snowflakes
    whirling around my body
    twisting, turning, insisting I play
    remembering the times
    when stormy days could bring joy
    keeping this image in my mind
    when the next life storm hits
    I need to remember
    to embrace the challenge,
    and find the joy
    in the surprise events
    that stop life in its tracks
    giving purpose to pause.

  5. Tomorrow’s rain,
    Like some liquid magic,
    And washed away our worries,
    Cleansing frowns,
    And easing furrowed, wrinked brows,

    Leaving behind
    The smooth laughter of our pending youth.

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