#NPM2012: Prompt 13

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13 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 13

  1. Something happens when you pass by me —
    I feel my negative energy dissipate
    as my positive energy anticipates
    your touch, your voice, your mind
    full of questions
    so that if we were ever able to find some hidden space all alone
    on the periodic table,
    I’d only want to crawl into the square right next to yours,
    knowing that when we interact,
    our elements might tango together
    and create something new.

  2. Danya Y. says:

    Great thinkers,
    Great people,
    All of them changed our world.
    We have to thank them everyday,
    For without them,
    We would not be here
    On this step and the way of life.
    They helped the world become better,
    Discovered new things,
    And found solutions.
    These great thinkers
    Are people who had dreams,
    Who were determined and never gave up,
    Who had plans for the world
    To make it better,
    And they did.
    Each one of us will become
    The future person
    That somehow,
    Will change the world.

  3. empowered,
    it’s was a man’s world
    the judgement shoots from his eyes,
    the uncomfortable formality
    but he knows,
    as I do,
    that I belong here.
    It is the beginning
    of change,
    chemistry between a man and woman,
    not just emotion,
    but the power of knowledge
    and I don’t need his permission to be here
    I earned it.
    But together,
    we will discover great things.

    1. mselke01 says:

      ” I don’t need his permission to be here
      I earned it.” Love these lines!

  4. mselke01 says:


    It begins with a wondering.
    An itchy, scratchy feeling in the
    Back of a brain

    “Why? How? What if?”

    Sometimes there are
    of inspiration

    Mythical apples
    Overflowing tubs


    Sometimes the progress
    is slow and painful and comes in fits and starts,
    along with countless failures that could make
    the bravest soul
    into despair.

    Yet we soldier on into the

    Women and men,
    Young and old,
    Boldly creating the future.
    Uncovering the past

    Answering each
    “Why? How? What if?”
    One little speck at a time.


  5. Androw says:


  6. more of a caption?!

    Honey, can’t you see I’m busy?
    Why are you just standing there?
    Do something:
    Pick up those bottles
    Wipe up that mess
    Change your tie
    and for heaven’s sake
    please stop asking me when dinner will be ready.

  7. Before the day
    you mixed up that
    special magic brew,

    I have little recollection.

    But once your Love Potion struck,

    You had my attention.


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