#NPM2012: Prompt 12

What matters today will be forgotten tomorrow.  Just like before.

15 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 12

  1. Batteries won’t work in this analog computer
    you placed in my hands today
    and I can’t find the port to plug in my headphones
    so what music am I supposed to play
    while I work out that problem you put on the board
    on trigonometry, logarithms and roots?
    I’m completely befuddled by this ruler-kind-of-thing –
    The device refuses to boot.

    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/422757

  2. Ethan M says:

    I love you. I never want to let you go.

    I want to hold on to you,Nurture you,And love you for eternity and even beyond that.

    But that was yesterday .

    Today I need to start over.

    I won’t yet cant have ant thing to do with you.

    Now I love someone else. Someone new.

    But that is only today.

    I published my poem on my blog. You can also listen to it there.


  3. mselke01 says:


    Giggles and whispers
    Creeping up the attic stairs
    Garbed in gingham and lace

    Creaks and echoes
    Lifting the heavy oak lid
    Intricately carved old chest

    Nudges and pokes
    “What are those things?”
    Dusty and covered with grime

    One girl holds up a small rectangle
    Gleaming silver back with a
    Shiny black front

    The other gestures quickly,
    Wiggling fingers with a single word

    Resonant voice responds,
    “Information device –


  4. With Sputnik incentive,
    Science education reformed,
    To send Rockets to the Moon.
    The slide ruled.

    My father’s parting gift,
    Upon retirement from teaching:
    A calculator
    (plugged into the wall)
    With a memory!

    Near High School grad,
    Our Math Head gave us these,
    Anachronistic slide rules,
    Nostalgic, at the time.
    Tho’ my HP calc
    would programs mine accept.
    I still have both.

    Me, I missed the punch cards,
    By one year.
    Somewhere at the Uni,
    a hard drive stored our work.

    And now, though calculators still raise eyebrows
    (number facts, some say)
    An iPod does so much,
    Just add another app.

  5. Danya Y. says:

    Yesterday, I was thinking about something,
    But what was it?
    I don’t remember,
    It faded away
    From my mind.
    I guess that sometimes
    What you had in mind yesterday
    Would be forgotten the next.

  6. measurement
    details, numbers, to define and categorize…
    I like living in the moments undefined.

  7. Log log deci trig
    Vernier slide
    A double side
    When three places
    Were good enough
    But to know the stuff
    And where to put the dot
    With a pencil
    On paper.
    Now we can make
    Our mistakes
    Much faster.

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