#NPM2012: Prompt 16

She does, most likely, have a first name.  I just wish more people could see through this stuff like she can.

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13 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 16

  1. The jingle still rings a little in my head
    as I take a bite of my sandwich
    and remember those school lunches
    where we used to squabble over desserts,
    praising our moms on one day for cupcakes
    and deserting her on another for veggie sticks.

    I still taste the white bread, Wonder Bread,
    stuck to the roof of my mouth,
    and giggle at the way you used to poke holes in your meat
    to see the world,
    as if ham gave you one perspective; salami, another.

    I packed the lunches today, as I do every day,
    with wheat bread, plumbs, and organic chips
    but I secretly stuffed a Hershey’s kiss at the bottom of each bag
    when my wife wasn’t watching
    so that maybe I could get a shout-out at the table today, too.

    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/426241

  2. Credulity wanes,
    Express extreme disbelief.
    Say: “round luncheon meat.”

  3. mselke01 says:

    Goofy Giggles

    Get a case of goofy giggles
    Sing a song of cheese
    Fingers dance as happy llama
    Then whistle, if you please

    Call every item in your desk
    No other name than Bob
    Fling your clothes across the floor
    And be a big old slob.

    That is how to be a kid –
    At least it is today.
    Perhaps in several hundred years
    There will be a better way.

    1. loved your whimsy feel!

  4. haiku for a change?

    don’t play with your food
    but my food is playing with me
    clever answer from silly girl

  5. A Haiku Celebrating Lunch

    lunch meat becomes art
    you see what could be, inside
    laughter for your lunch

    1. I think I messed up “Haiku” and thought it was 5/7/5 WORDS, but it’s Syllables?! I like yours! 🙂

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