#NPM2012: Prompt 5

“What’d they win?” I wonder.

10 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 5

  1. Echoes of Grace fill this cup
    that you hold clenched in your hands like life itself
    and yet
    I can’t help but think that the best part of the winning
    was the sharing
    and that moment when you reached over to whisper in my ear
    something about Grace that I had long ago
    quite forgotten.


    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/417183

  2. Danya Y. says:

    She and I held a cup,
    A cup of happiness.
    We won!
    I told myself,
    But I did not care about it,
    I care about our friendship more,
    More than anything in this world,
    For we are like sister
    And we will stay forever.
    She is happy,
    I told myself,
    I can see that.
    I am happy too.
    I want our smiles to last forever,
    And so for our friendship.
    We knew each other for a long time now,
    Our friendship is very strong.

  3. Midge says:

    I wonder?
    The librarian’s gauntlet has been thrown
    Google is consulted
    Quotation marks are applied
    Initials are removed
    I found it!
    Want to know too?
    Librarians never TELL
    They only recommend

  4. mselke01 says:

    This one is from a student of mine. When I told her that I was writing poetry to these prompts, she tried a few. She wanted me to post this one for her:

    Today is the day my friend won
    We are proud
    because in this trophy we hold
    is an unforgettable memory
    that is called courage.

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