#NPM2012: Prompt 4

I’m having trouble talking about this, too.  You?

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23 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 4

  1. She’s gone – I know – that child
    we once knew
    who wore happy faces whenever she walked
    and talked to imaginary friends behind trees
    where elves still live to this day,
    waiting there patiently for her to live up to her promise
    to return.

    I gently push that sparkly green dress into the black plastic bag,
    put the bag in the corner of the dusty attic,
    place the attic back into our memories,
    and sit in the dark for a while,

    — Kevin

    1. M. David Walthour says:

      There is that quality of pathos in the empty clothes, like there was once life there. Nicely done, Kevin.

    2. Margaret says:

      Kevin, How do you keep doing this? Another wonderful poem here. I’ve been looking through photo albums to prepare a collage for my daughter graduating from college. I get lost in the pictures. Some I don’t even remember. It all passes by too fast. Maybe there’s a poem here for me, too.

    3. mselke01 says:

      Ooo… I like this one! I struggled with today’s image. The poem just didn’t come to me like it did yesterday. Ah well, I can always try again, right?

  2. I found this jacket in the back of your closet
    I remember cutting the bright red star pockets
    which you filled with cheerio treasures
    your smile, your laughter, and your curls bouncing in the wind
    I am packing the car this morning
    to visit you at college
    meeting the new man in your life
    missing the bubbly child
    but proud of the woman she has become

  3. Popeye and Sweet Pea
    Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy
    George and Elroy
    Drawn upon the glass
    In black and white
    And shades of gray
    And I told my kids to play
    Instead of staring
    He Man and Thundercats
    In glorious
    Never The Same Color (1)
    After all this time
    I wonder
    If dressing the little one
    Like Orko
    Is such a good idea
    In the digital age of
    Pokemon and Beyblade

    (1) NTSC, broadcast standard for American color television, engineering ironic joke on the acronym)

  4. Danya y. says:

    Mom showed me my old jacket,
    The jacket that I wore when I was little.
    I looked at it,
    Remembering how I looked when I was little.
    Memories washed all over me,
    Making me remember a lot of things.
    I hugged my jacket to my heart,
    And I told myself I would keep it
    Forever and ever with me,
    Because I always want to remember
    My memories,
    The memories that will stay in me.

  5. Midge says:

    Is joy contagious?
    the coat laughs
    I laugh too

  6. In olden days,
    Our Little Read
    Walked (odd, not rode!),
    In her hoodie,
    Through forests dark.
    Was not the monster then.
    But Victim.

    The Wolf wears any clothes.

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