#NPM2012: Prompt 6

Four more years of looking for places like ours.  Wow.

15 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 6

  1. Heavenly Body

    You’ve been outside my orbit for years now –
    a floating, beautiful body in deep space.
    I have been so centered around the Sun
    that I barely noticed you
    until little bits
    — words like meteors crashing into my atmosphere —
    made me wonder what it is I have been missing,
    out here, in my own system of heavenly bodies
    too far away to touch.

    If this poem is to become a telescope,
    my eyes are now fixated on the ways our gravities intersect,
    and I feel your pull more than ever.
    I stretch my fingers until the breaking point
    only to see you fade behind the shadows
    of the moon,
    so I wait … wondering …. worrying …
    writing so that I may never forget
    what you look like.


  2. M. David Waltour says:

    Johannes made a lucky choice of Tycho’s observation
    For Mar’s eccentricities provided inspiration
    The planets, it seems
    Don’t have circular schemes
    But they do have another conical section.

  3. Philip Jo says:

    What are those Kepler planets? I haven’t heard of them ever. Nice pictures above. I guess I need to review my astronomy now.


    1. M. David Walthour says:

      Kepler space telescope launched three years ago to look at one patch of sky, about 100k stars, to search for planets by transit method or dimming of star as a planet transits. It has been very successful, and was to terminate this year, but recently got a four year extension in funding. Nasa/Ames has a lot of stuff posted about the mission.

  4. Danya y. says:

    The universe.
    The planets.
    Our earth.
    All of them make our world.
    It is the place where we all live happily.
    It is the place where we share our love.
    It is the place where we all will
    Live in.
    There is no where else like our universe!

  5. mselke01 says:

    Star Gazers

    A little girl stares up into the sky

    Gleaming orb of the moon
    Shimmering twinkle of stars
    And unblinking planets stare down.

    Humming softly to herself she wonders
    Who is up there?
    What do they look like?

    Days spent doodling spindly arms and bulbous heads
    Dreaming of first contact
    Who will meet them?

    Years pass – her gaze drops to the clouds
    Then down to the horizon
    Further down to the little ones on her lap

    Two little boys and a young woman stare into the sky.

    Gleaming orb of the moon
    Shimmering twinkle of stars
    And unblinking planets stare down.

    Who will reach them?


  6. Many fingers,
    Many hands,
    To keep them all up
    in the air,
    at once.

    In finding more,
    and more,
    The Juggling Marvel
    does increase.

    In simpler times,
    There were just One.

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