#NPM2012: Let's Begin Again, Again

National Poetry Month begins in a few days, on April 1st, of course ((No foolin’.)) and with it, I’ll begin again each day of the month with a prompt, an invitation, if you’d like one, to write a poem.

I don’t always write a poem every day, and you certainly don’t have to, either, but if you’d like to, and you need a nudge, they’ll be here.  Each day, a little after midnight Mountain, a new picture, and perhaps a sentence or two, will be on the blog to encourage you to write a poem.  Write in the comments, or on your own web space, or on paper if you’d like.  But write something sometimes.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and folks seem to find it useful.

It’s good to play with words.  It’s good to read and think about poems.  I hope that this National Poetry Month you find time for poetry.

6 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Let's Begin Again, Again

  1. An image. Some words.
    Prompt connections and meaning.
    It’s Poetry Month!

  2. Margaret says:

    Can I play? I just finished the Slice of Life Challenge and my fellow slicer Kevin directed me to your page. How does this work? Sounds intriguing.

    1. Bud Hunt says:

      Welcome. Of course you can. Basically, I’ll post a prompt every day. If you want to, write a poem. Enjoy.

  3. playing catch up tonight!

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