NPM 2011: Let’s Begin. Again.

  1. And sometimes, it’s better to ignore another’s prompt and go off in your own direction.  That’s fine, too.  What’s essential is that you write. []

10 thoughts on “NPM 2011: Let’s Begin. Again.

  1. Hey, Bud!

    This is always such a great invitation! I really enjoyed it two years ago, had the best of intentions last year, and am hoping to really make a solid go of it this year, possibly involving some of my students as well. We’ll see!

    Looking forward to National Poetry Month via @budtheteacher !
    Andrew Forgrave´s last blog post ..@courosa stars on CBC’s The National

  2. thank you Bud.
    just what I needed right now.

    and just spent some time getting up to date with your blog.
    not sure how you do it all….but thx.

  3. I’m a couple of days late, but I’m in. I’ve neglected my own writing this year (Bad TC!), so this is a great kick in the pants for me to shut up and write.

    Thanks, Bud!

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