#NPM2012: Prompt – 2

Who knows what lurks within these walls? I bet you do.

7 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt – 2

  1. Wait? Prompt 2? Where the heck is Prompt 1?

    This stone castle’s time has come
    and gone without me.
    I traverse these cold hallways, running fingers along jagged rock,
    listening to past echoes of intrigue, murder
    and the collapse of a realm
    under blue skies falling into nothing but dark shadows.

    The only footsteps I hear as my own,
    as if thoughts of my own past weren’t dark enough,
    I reach into the crevasses and search for other stories
    to fill the gaps,
    content now to be spectator from afar.

  2. Sometimes,
    Unless you read the comments,
    And get another’s story,
    It just looks like a postcard.

    1. Kelly says:

      wish you were here 🙂

  3. which window were you crying
    for your beloved lost
    each tear falling on stones with
    memories of their own
    you never to return
    while stones remain

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