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I first became aware of the idea of a writing sprint when I saw . Since then, I’ve learned that .  One I like a lot.

So we did one in our office today, and it was useful.  We scheduled a block of time, sat down, and wrote.  We weren’t all writing the same things, or for the same audiences, but we were trying to get stuff written.  And it was mostly successful.  There must be something in the forced accountability that comes from saying to others “We’re going to write.  Right now.” ((As important as writing is, it’s still a challenge for me to work writing time into my day, which can fill up fast with e-mail, phone calls, meetings, and other IMPORTANT STUFF.  But writing is important, too. Got to fit it in.))

If you’ve never considered scheduling a writing sprint with a trusted colleague, or, as Jane does, a complete group of strangers, I’d suggest you give it a try.

They work. ((I’ve still plenty of writing to do, but we made progress today.  Always a good thing.))

4 thoughts on “Writing Sprints

  1. Tony P. says:

    What sort of time frame are we looking at with a writing sprint? I did a writing marathon at NWP in Philly last year, but a daily sprint seems like a great ideas as well.

    1. Bud Hunt says:

      I think that’s up to you. Jane’s that I referenced are often thirty or forty minutes. I’ve been writing for a few hours today. Your call.

  2. monika hardy says:

    sounds like a something Jason Fried, Rework, would recommend… esp as an alternative to some of our typical meetings – or perhaps in our classrooms.

    he says writing is today’s currency for great ideas, and that if you were hiring and trying to pick between two people to let how they write determine which one you pick.

    he also says – a couple pages earlier, it’s the one thing we have to unlearn the most in school.

    would love to hear more about what you do with this Bud. thanks for sharing… i’d not heard of writing springs or Jane Espenson.

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