The Podcast: I'm Writing Right Now

Today is the , which is the reason for this podcast, recorded as I headed home thinking about the writing I’ve been up to today. I’m so grateful for this time to think about writing and its place in my life. What . How and when and where and how do you write and celebrate writing, both yours and others?

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In the podcast, I mention these slides, which I promised I’d link to.

3 thoughts on “The Podcast: I'm Writing Right Now

  1. Charles says:

    Hi Bud,
    I think writing has become a more valuable skill in the business world with the growth of internet content tools like blogs and of course email so it is more important than ever to develop this skill in school.

  2. Tom Fasano says:

    Just wondering what recording device you used to make this podcast. It has a nice natural sound.

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