The Week in Tweets for 2009-09-28

@davecormier I laughed at Oakland pretty much the whole game. Not good football. in reply to davecormier # Just realized that, since we changed the filter, MySpace/Facebook fair game for digital footprint work I'm doing with 9th graders today. # I had filter blindness. Whoops. These things matter. # What do your technologies condition you […]

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The Textile Network

I’m spending some time today with the folks at Flagstaff Academy in Longmont and digging into an old bag of tricks. Can you guess which slide is the yarn slide? Flagstaff folk – I hope we can continue some of the conversations that we started today here in the comments.  I’d love to hear your […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2009-09-21

Spending the morning with our elementary math curriculum adoption team and the afternoon with our elementary lab managers. Busy Monday. # Very thoughtful dialogue from the math committee as they discuss current math program. Important work. # Is filling out a questionnaire an interview? # I ask because I keep getting them in my email. […]

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For Vicki – An Expanded Tweet

I’m enjoying the review of the week’s tweets that I am basically assigning myself to read.  Looking at the weekly post is a way to review my thinking over that time, and now posting a tweet is also writing a short note to myself that I’ll read the following week. Here’s one from the other […]

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The Filter. For the Moment.

This morning, Darren mentioned that he’s decided to block Facebook in his school district.  To his credit, he then asked: Nonetheless, I’m as sure as you are that this is a debate far from over, and therefore maintain a stance of open inquiry into whether or not we’re doing the right thing.  So give it […]

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Equal Time & Opting Out

Gary Stager: Are there worksheets on the upside of slavery? Equal time assumes all positions have equal merit.  They don’t.  Learning and institutions are subjective, no matter how loudly we suggest they’re not.  Attempting to pretend otherwise is destructive and self-defeating. And yet.

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