The Week in Tweets for 2009-10-26

There's a thin pink-orange ribbon on the eastern edge of everything. Going to be a great sunrise. # Nice piece in today's paper about @learningdonna and her student poets. Good work. # RT @KyleneBeers: Interactive web broadcast of Nat'l Day on Writing celebration starting 9 EDT tomorrow Spread the word # You still […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2009-10-12

@dwarlick Thanks – that was just the post I was looking for. in reply to dwarlick # Starting the morning with a 90's dance party. Because every Monday should start that way. # H1N1 sounds so clinical. I think we're going to refer to this thing as "90's Morning Dance Party Flu." # @jenorr Ew. […]

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On Modeling

Earlier this morning, I tweeted this: Do you ever want to say to folks who scream they don’t want their private lives online: “Maybe you should just try to be a better person.” ? And I realized that I didn’t quite say what I meant there. I believe that privacy is important and special, and […]

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Intruding. In Public.

Earlier today, I sent a link to a student’s Twitter account to a staff member in the school he attends with a request that she share the link with a counselor in the school.  I read some things that caused me to worry for him.  Nothing too extreme, the sorts of things that kids, particularly […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2009-10-05

Run's done. # @courosa @arieliondotcom @gsiemens I RT plenty I don't agree with. If I find content worth talking about, I RT. Passing it along. in reply to courosa # RT @smartinez nobody gives kids worksheets and says, "here's a fun math game!" why do we expect them to believe it when it's electronic? # […]

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Tom’s Doing Our Homework

Do me a favor, would you? Take a few minutes, right now, and read Tom Hoffman‘s “10 Reasons You Should Care About the Common Core State Standards Initiative’s Draft English Language Arts Standards.”   He’s doing the thinking and linking that needs to be happening around these proposed standards.  Folks need to be reading and talking […]

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Would You Please Block?

Ever since we opened up lots more of the Internet in our school district earlier this year, the district has received several requests from teachers and other staff to block resources that are distractions in the classroom.  I’ve written a stock response to those requests that I thought might be worth sharing.  It’s my hope […]

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It’s Not Personal. No. Really.

I received a Twitter direct message earlier today from someone who is frequently a teacher of mine.  This individual was curious about why my Twitter following/follower ratio was something like four to one.  My answer, which was also a direct message, was: The short answer is because I don’t find value in following every person […]

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