I Haven’t seen the whole video . . .

.  .  .  but the picture’s great.  Check out Brian’s class.  What little I’ve seen of their story is pretty powerful. 

2 thoughts on “I Haven’t seen the whole video . . .

  1. Dan says:

    Bud, thank you for the link to the 4th graders’ video. It is very powerful indeed and I hope I can bring it to the educators with whom I work!

  2. Hogpen says:

    I checked out the link and was surprised to see the faces of students. I was told that was dangerous to do, which got me thinking on the restrictions of the internet in the classroom.
    Bud, I heard you interview another teacher about bloging in the classroom. He brought up a problem I see more and more as I learn about classroom internet usage, censorship of websites. Schools are forced to restrict certain sites based on district regulations, so if the content is inappropriate for kindergardeners then access is denied to a highschool student in that same district. Sometimes a Tech. from the school can get around this, but not always and valuable sites are denied to student who would benefit them. You seem to be up on the technology in the classroom discussion, so I was wondering if you, or anybody, might know of a way to lift these restrictions? Are they being lifted as I type? What can teachers do besides grip on a blog?

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