About to be a Big Girl

    Sometimes my online life and my offline one seem to blur together a little bit — and I forget to tell one group things that I’ve told the other — and vice versa.  This became clear to me yesterday when I was having a chat and mentioned that we were preparing Ani to move to a "big girl bed" in order to free up her crib for her soon to be born sister.
    The thing is, I hadn’t mentioned that we were expecting.  So I’m mentioning it. 
    Ani’s going to be a big sister on or around graduation day in late May of this year.   Pretty cool, huh?
    As I’m writing this, Ani is sleeping for (her mother and I hope) the last time in a crib.  Her new bed arrives tomorrow, and we begin the process of sleeping in a bed.  Cross your fingers for us, okay?  It’s certainly not a big deal, but it’ll add a little stress and excitement to our lives.
    I hope it goes well.  I’m a little sad, though, as my little girl’s already beginning to outgrow pieces of her world.   Man,  it’s all happening so fast.
    In fact, soon, she won’t be my little girl anymore.  That title, like the crib, will soon pass to her sister. 

7 thoughts on “About to be a Big Girl

  1. Bud,

    I’m here to tell you that they are ALWAYS your little girl! As a father of 7 children, I can tell you that they may grow up but they will always be your children, no matter how old they get. My own children range from 2 to 14. There are days when I wonder where the time went and what have I missed. However, I as I watch them turn into young adults, I realize that I only have them for a short time so I’d better do a darn good job of building that foundation. As my two older daughters enter the teenage years, I wistfully remember them as little girls and all the things that we did and smile because we did all those things together. Spend time with them Bud. Everything else can wait. Everything!

  2. Being the first she like Kelly said will ALWAYS be your little girl. Sit back and watch, take it all in. You are right, they grow so fast. My oldest is now 8 going on 18 it seems. I missed alot because I was selfish and was gaming, and I hate myself for it. Enjoy em while they are young, cause as they get older…they learn to ask for stuff and money, and that ain’t cheap!

  3. Geez. Here I was going to come and offer some advice on going from one to two as a proud “owner” of two small people myself. But who can compete with Kelly’s story!!!???? 7 Kids? Do you think he has shares in Tylenol? What about in Budweiser?

    Anyway. My sincere congratulations Bud.

  4. Congrats Bud!

    You’ll have to keep us filled in on how things go with the transition to the new bed. Any tips and tricks you pick up in helping make the switch would be terrific for a father that’s going to have to do the same in 6 months 🙂

  5. Congratulations! Now that my grandchildren are as old as most of the children mentioned in the other comments, I can only say that the time goes even more quickly than you can imagine. Of course, there may be a stretch in there where it seems like it can’t go fast enough! But enjoy it all. Even the tough times are precious in retrospect.

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