Stop Cyberbullying

    Today is Stop Cyberbullying Day, a date chosen by Andy Carvin and honored by lots of others in an attempt to recognize some of the difficulties that come when everyone has a voice.   Today’s also a day for folks to take notice of, and pledge not to accept, bullying online.      If […]

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Standing Up

    Anyone who thinks it’s funny to denigrate or threaten others is wrong (Warning — link contains some pretty awful stuff).   Period.    We’re (supposed to be) grown ups, folks.  Can we please try to act like it?      Andy suggests, via Twitter, that perhaps we need to do something as a community […]

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Shorter's Better

    I really enjoyed from our class on digital storytelling.  (I’m going to keep calling what we’re doing digital storytelling, even thought we don’t have pictures.  Fair enough?)    My piece is too long, and a little repetitive, but it’s a first effort.  The next one will be better.   Promise.

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Seeking a Pseudonym

    I’m working with a student right now on an essay that I think is really interesting, self-reflective and an important piece of writing for her.  It’s for my journalism class, which means it’ll get published in our school newspaper.    I’m certainly no fan of anonymity, and think it should be used rarely, […]

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All A-Twitter

    A few folks have already noticed the cute Twitter box that’s now on the lower left sidebar of my blog.  An even rarer few might have noticed that it only works intermittently — seems that Twitter’s quite popular at the moment, and is not completely functional due to apparent server drain on its […]

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Promiscuity in Prose & Poetry

    I might need to create a category just for Jonathan Lethem.  He’s doing some interesting work.  (And I like his writing.  Especially Motherless Brooklyn.)    Here’s a link to and a description of his Promiscuous Materials Project.   Might be of interest to those of you interested in digging a little deeper into his […]

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    I’m part of a team that’s putting together a for some sites to gather and think strategically about their online presences and how they can support their site work, and vice versa.  I’ve got plenty of thoughts about tools to use and examples and whatnot, but I’m trying to think right now about […]

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A Better Tasting Drupal

    I’ve had a quick peek at FunnyMonkey‘s new flavor of Drupal, soon to be DrupalEd.  It’s pretty dynamically fantastic, despite the fact that it’s in alpha/beta.  Here’s the annoucement: In conjunction with our work within the Drupal community and with OpenAcademic, we have brought a site live for people to check out: […]

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