No Correction. Sort of.

    The upshot of my correspondence with a very pleasant Ms. Radcliffe today (We’ve exchanged six messages so far, three each way.  She asked me not to share hers, so I won’t share the messages, but I will share the outcome) is that no correction will be issued as no error has occurred.     […]

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    This is the letter that I sent to Jennifer Radcliffe, who wrote this interesting story.  You can find her (group) blog here, and this is a piece that she wrote in response to her story on blogging teachers.  She’s seeking comments — and I applaud her for using her blog to support her […]

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Please Welcome . . .

    I’m pleased to tell you that Louann Reid, the editor of English Journal, my teacher and my friend is now blogging.  Here’s her first post, on the class that’s brought her into the blogosphere.  I think you’ll be interested to learn with and from her class: As a new semester and a new […]

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Here We Go Again

    DOPA’s back.  Sort of.  Only worse.     Andy Carvin’s got a round up on the new version of the legislation that would put an end to much of the work that I’m doing online with students while doing nothing to improve the online landscape.    This is ignorant legislation that solves zero […]

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Furl vs.

    A few months back, I switched from Furl to (username: budtheteacher).  I wasn’t eager to make the move, as I’ve always liked Furl, but newer versions of Firefox didn’t handle the Furl toolbar as well as I liked.  Also, working from multiple computers with different levels of user access required that I […]

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It Was There All Along

    A click through Wes’s post on his son’s improvement in and excitement for reading (congratulations, Alexander!) took me back to Stephen Krashen’s website, where I rediscovered his "88 Generalizations about Free Voluntary Reading", a handy one pager of research findings on how and why we should be using SSR (that’s sustained silent reading) […]

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January Races Past

Teaching, sometimes, is all about fits of frustration and rushes of passion.  But not in that order.  It’s been an interesting January.  I’ve learned lots along the way.  More soon.

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The Seriously Absurd

    Good stuff at the Pulse lately.  Here’re a couple of recent standouts, both of which hit my aggregator today.  The first, by Ron Canuel, includes a silly list of the cons of using pens and pencils.  Here’s a partial list, and some of his tongue in cheek conclusions: Very limited interactive components with […]

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Turning Two

    Happy blogday to me.    Happy blogday to me.    Happy blogday, dear,     Happy blogday to me.

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