I received a few e-mails about a problem with the link to the podcast.  I’ve been experimenting with using the Internet Archive to host stuff — and the experiment isn’t going as well as I’d like. 
    I’ve changed the link to a smaller file — it seems that the Archive servers weren’t sharing in a very speedy manner.  Hope this solves the problem.
     I guess I should really just bite the bullet and pay for more space — but I really, really would prefer not to.

3 thoughts on “Arrrrgh

  1. Bud,


    $5/month for 100 MB of 30 rolling active storage, unlimited archiving, and unlimited bandwidth.

    Good luck,


  2. “30 rolling DAYS active storage”

    Clear concise account settings and features.

    FYI: you might want to check with TypePad to see if they have a feature that allows you to tag your podcast as an Enclosure on your RSS feed otherwise podcast clients like ipodderX and ipodder aren’t automatically picking up the mp3.


  3. Bud Hunt says:


    Thanks for the suggestion(s). I’ve set up a feedburner feed for those folks interested in the podcasts — it’s, but I haven’t done a very good job of advertising that — frankly, I didn’t think all that many people were listening, and the ones that were had figured it out on their own. Which is pretty silly now that I’ve stopped to think about it. It’s the XML button on the left side of the page.

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