Building (Better) Organizational Habits

I become more and more convinced each passing day that learning and culture are habit-based skills ((Maybe skills isn’t the right word. But perhaps you know what I mean.)). We either have healthy learning habits, or healthy cultures, or we don’t.

Any organization can improve its habits. But habit formation and cessation aren’t events. You don’t change habits in one-day workshops, or a summer conference. You change habits through long term, intentional planning and execution of the behaviors, choices and experiences that lead to better behaviors, choices and experiences. That lead to better habits.

Why do schools and organizations spend so much time on Band-Aids – one time shots at change – and/or the justification of the ability to not improve/change/grow? ((Why do people do that, I guess, is the same question.))

Denial? Doubt? Disbelief?

When does compliance and the convenience of comfort get in the way of changing the rules that perpetuate old, and maybe ineffective, behaviors and habits?

What are the long term structures, routines and expectations that you’re using to change the learning and culture habits in your spaces?

9 thoughts on “Building (Better) Organizational Habits

  1. I agree with Missy. Most times the organization is looking for the quick fix and is in a reactive mode versus a proactive mode. I am trying to change the culture of professional learning by how I offer and teach workshops, but often times I am interacting with the same population over and over again rather than new people.

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