The Infrastructure of Belonging – A Note from #cosn2022

My professional life wanders in between physical infrastructure and human infrastructure. I’ve worked on teams focused on building out information networks. Some of those teams have attended to emotional and social networks to the same level of detail and intentionality. Most have not. I’m at the CoSN Conference in Nashville, Tennessee this week, meeting almost […]

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Badges. #nwpleads Badges.

I’m writing this morning from the last morning of the Building New Pathways Working Meeting, which stopped being a Listening Retreat and became the Working Meeting at around 10:30am yesterday, as the larger group of assembled National Writing Project leaders headed home and a smaller subset of the group stayed to begin their work as […]

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Making a Maker Space. Again.

At the library, I’m working with a team of really smart folks who want to offer the best opportunities for our patrons ((I’m still getting used to calling the people I serve “patrons.” But I like it.)). One of the reasons I wanted to work with the Clearview Library District was the intensity with which […]

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Building (Better) Organizational Habits

I become more and more convinced each passing day that learning and culture are habit-based skills ((Maybe skills isn’t the right word. But perhaps you know what I mean.)). We either have healthy learning habits, or healthy cultures, or we don’t. Any organization can improve its habits. But habit formation and cessation aren’t events. You […]

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Suppose We Just Left Them Alone?

One thing that never seems to be in short supply in the learning organizations I work with is a steady stream of new priorities, initiatives, and programming.  There’s always an agenda, pet project, new idea, or something fresh, exciting, and game changing that’ll make all the difference for everybody in the organization. I get it. […]

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Skating Along

Last month, I took my three daughters skating.  They’ve all been to the skating rink plenty of times, and are at different levels of skating expertise.  Ani and Teagan both motor along at their own paces, leaving their four-year-old sister, Quinn, and me behind as they skate it up to whatever loudly pulsating track is […]

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