A First Draft in Two Voices

This is a post in two voices that lives in two places. You can read the other version on Katie’s website. In this version, Katie’s voice appears in italics. It’s been a few weeks now since Katie Henry and I met up at reMAKE Education to run two sessions of a workshop that has me […]

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I Was a Fat Kid. I Still Am.

I really appreciated Jennifer’s post last week about body image and where she saw large kids reflected, or misreflected, in literature. It reminded me of my experience. Because I was the fat kid. Still am, in fact. I remember the jokes and the uncomfortable moments and an awful lot of Bud Light references.1 And it’s […]

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#CMK18 – Day 1

I’m writing this morning from Manchester, New Hampshire, where I’m about to begin the second day of Constructing Modern Knowledge, a week-long workshop/summer camp/makerspace/learning conference. Put on by Gary and Sylvia, with a cast and crew of plenty of smart and makery others, the event is an opportunity for curious learners to come together around […]

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#Rethinq18 -ing Things

Late last week, I had the opportunity to sit in on the Thinq Studio’s one day unconference. I’ve been watching their work from afar, and following along as some smart folks do wide things. But I was looking forward to spending some time with local colleagues and teachers to explore issues around teaching differently. The […]

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Math Isn’t for Measuring Heart

There’s a lady at my gym that I see some mornings when I skip a group class and spend some time on an elliptical machine.1 She’s an older lady. Pleasant. And lately she’s been making her way not on the exercise machines, but around and beside them, tracing a path across the exercise floor from […]

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