#NPM2012: Prompt 28

We can do anything that we put our minds to.  But should we?

5 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 28

  1. … if I had known that’s what you had wanted
    i would have dressed up for the occasion …
    instead of choosing this shirt and tie,
    i would have put on some nuts and bolts
    and plugged myself in for a few hours ….

  2. Laura Graceffa says:

    The pressing need for
    dopamine drives forward the

  3. Julie J says:

    Crawled into a darkwarmbuzzing sort of place
    Comforted for a moment
    Before hair is shorn
    And wires implanted
    Eyes are gone
    And sensors put in
    Mouth is stopped
    As everything is wires, motherboards, batteries, and
    Nobody hears her scream
    *Internet dialup tone*

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