#NPM2012: Prompt 27

I never knew mailboxes could be so complicated.

4 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 27

  1. I was wondering when you’d write
    me to tell me that you weren’t coming
    when all I have done is make preparations
    for your arrival that at first seemed imminent
    but then seemed uncertain in silence
    and you should know you made me feel like Toad,
    sitting on the porch, hoping for a few kind words
    from a friend.

    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/452228

  2. we lost someone important yesterday
    a hole that cannot be filled
    like this mailbox waiting to be filled
    my heart aches
    and the words for sorrow do not come
    I know this morning
    that the words of wisdom from you
    will no longer come
    I will have to dig deep inside
    and remember

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