NPM 2010: Prompt 0

Encadré (Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Frederic della Faille

Every journey begins somewhere.  Where will this one start for you?

12 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Prompt 0

  1. Bud Hunt says:

    On the Road

    This will never,
    I’m afraid,
    get any easier.

    But that was never the point.
    Was it?

    We have words
    to clarify ideas
    that maybe
    will always
    be fuzzy.

    Here’s one:

    That I will always
    and fight
    with words
    is perhaps the only thing that I am certain of
    about writing.

    And you will struggle, too.

    But I’ll fight with you
    and you with me
    and the words
    may come.

    Let’s try our best
    to be ready.

  2. (Here goes …)

    I’m convinced
    the book is the picture that holds the fortunes of many;
    Here, inside this form, a story unfolds,
    and I unwrap myself from its tangle of words
    in order to find the end of the sentence,
    stranded here on the head of pin they call a period
    while the world goes dancing on and
    without me.

  3. Ben Grey says:

    What I Can’t See

    It’s not what I see
    when I hold up the book
    that troubles

    It’s what I’m afraid
    I won’t see
    when I remove it

    For in the picture
    she’s clearly not
    standing in front of me

    But when I lower
    the edges what
    fortune or pittance awaits

  4. PurpleCar says:

    -Christine Cavalier

    They have since
    taken away
    the root

    and trimmed back
    the ivy that shaded us.

    But now the ivy grows
    thick and fast
    and just beyond our control
    but that is
    for our own indulgence.

    The green hearts
    cannot seem to get
    enough sun
    no matter how
    much we
    filter the light
    down to the optimal
    nanometer that’s
    thought best
    for new leaves.

    The seeds don’t come
    in neat packets
    They iterate and
    spread and
    we are left
    about the strength
    of the structure
    we provided.

  5. When she left
    she cut squares
    [severe right angles–no room for disagreement in those sharp corners]
    making windows
    through plot lines
    and now I won’t know
    how the story ends.

    On the other hand,
    I no longer trip while I read.

    1. Very nice — and the last stanza is just wonderful.

  6. My Eye, the Camera Face

    These days,
    I’m taking pictures.

    Today is 90.
    365 minus 90 more to go.
    (but why stop?)
    It’s a New Fun.

    It’s also a New Learn.

    A camera is a permanent eye.
    It lets us see The Then, later on.
    It lets us see The Now, in a different way.
    It lets us see The Yet To Come, if we use our ‘magination.

    New views:
    Some small.
    Some grand.
    Some in-between the lines inferred.
    Some be never seen,
    Without the camera.

    Without the camera between us
    and the world,
    We can also see sometimes more.

    Camera Face can be so awkward.

  7. Kelly says:

    a portal of poetry I never expected
    to climb through
    words that belong to me
    and cause me to breathe
    in serenity

  8. Allen Berg says:

    “There is no frigate like a book
    To take us lands away.”
    …Emily Dickinson…

    Here with you and yours
    I can step through the looking glass
    And keep on looking for my views

    Oh what a garden does for my green
    Soft growth cushion to lay down my mind
    And dream

    Open is the world when the columns leave
    And up is limitless blue
    And down is this native earth

    The frigate streams billowed with airs
    That mingle and mend and wend my winds
    To hover higher lighter than cares…

    Corporeal I’m blessed with this living body
    Breathing breath that springs my spirit
    Inner is outer and calming is vast

    A moment in an eyelid and an eyelash is flash
    Flesh is my animal and blood is my animus
    I see and I am corpuscular

    Surround me are flowers and they breathe light
    From 93 million miles… a fire away
    8 minutes is a long distance to our nearest star

    I hop on that frigate and wham I am away…
    But the smile on my face tells me muscular
    I am here in this pretty garden with you…

    Thank you, Emily…


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