NPM 2010: Here We Go Again

Last year, I published a photograph every day of National Poetry Month as a way to generate some prompts for folks who maybe wanted to write poetry, but needed a little push.  I think it went pretty well, and I got to read and write some pretty good poems, so I’m going to do that again.

I hope you’ll stop by and read the poems offered by others.  Really, I hope you’ll take the time to write some poetry, too.  If you’ve never written a poem before, then it might be time.  It’ll be fun.  And scary.  And possibly quite hard.  But entirely worth doing.

Looking forward to the poetry.

5 thoughts on “NPM 2010: Here We Go Again

  1. Neat idea!
    You might want to check out Jonathan Harris’ website: He’s done some interesting projects combining art, storytelling, and technology, and instead of a blog he posts one photograph each day.

  2. Gail Desler says:

    How about adding “phoetry” as a tag (because I’m in the process of collecting phoetry samples for a NPM I’m working on;-).

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