The Podcast: Sharing Flipcharts

On this podcast, recorded during yesterday’s commute, I share a little bit about the meeting I was driving home from, a conversation about how best to share resources across districts in the middle of an environment that encourages a different sort of sharing. I then layout my idea for a possible sharing tool.  As always, I’m very interested in your feedback and suggestions for the ideas I’m talking about in the ‘cast.


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One thought on “The Podcast: Sharing Flipcharts

  1. Instead of giving you answers, can I offer questions and thoughts?
    1. Your audience consists of teachers of different grade levels and subject areas. Would a universal feed be of use to them? Is there a tool that would allow a customizable feed based on their teaching needs?
    2. One of the things I find lacking in a site that is designed solely to share assets is the inability to support conversations around those resources. Is there a tool that would allow for discussion threads/ratings/conversations to spring up around each asset?
    3. Where are your users in terms of their comfort level with resource sharing and “one more thing” syndrome?
    4. Another powerful concept to think about is allowing the community to take ownership of the resource. Is there a tool that would allow dedicated “power users” to manage and organize content in their area of interest for the benefit of all users?
    Will a blog fit your needs? A wiki? Moodle? Maybe Drupal is something to explore. Just make sure to “think like a teacher” and you’ll come up with the right solution. Whatever you use, I know you’ll make it more about the outcomes than about the tool.

    Michelle Bourgeoiss last blog post..Seven Things

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