The Podcast: Worth Keeping

Today’s podcast is a continuation of some thinking that came out of a roundtable conversation that I had at Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation.  Karl reminds me that I’ve been forgetting to share here on the blog lately.  I’ll try to do better. As always, I’m interested in your thoughts. Link to the Audio

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So It Returns; Hope You’ll Be There

Saturday marks the second time that we’ve been fortunate enough to bring together colleagues from around the state for the little event that we’re calling “Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation.”  I’ve grown quite fond of the idea of the event, and of the event itself. What’s not to love about a chance to connect with […]

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It’s Not Glamo(u)rous. Just Essential.

I had the opportunity on Friday to spend some time with our enterprise systems manager thinking about something that certainly isn’t glamo(u)rous, but is nothing shy of essential.  That something? Storage. Sure, there’s plenty of “free” storage out there for the taking, but I’m interested in making sure that we can offer students and staff […]

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