It’s Alive. And I Like It.

Anne Collier‘s sharing a new report on online safety and technology, “Youth Safety on a Living Internet.” I wasn’t eager to see yet another report, as I’ve read a few – but as I skimmed the first several pages, I understood why she was excited by the work.  She was the co-chair of the Online […]

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It’s Not Personal. No. Really.

I received a Twitter direct message earlier today from someone who is frequently a teacher of mine.  This individual was curious about why my Twitter following/follower ratio was something like four to one.  My answer, which was also a direct message, was: The short answer is because I don’t find value in following every person […]

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The Textile Network

I’m spending some time today with the folks at Flagstaff Academy in Longmont and digging into an old bag of tricks. Can you guess which slide is the yarn slide? Flagstaff folk – I hope we can continue some of the conversations that we started today here in the comments.  I’d love to hear your […]

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Reading Social Networks

I’m doing some work next month with some folks on social networking, and one of the elements that I’m thinking a great deal about, thanks to a colleague‘s suggestion, is how we can help educators to read social networks as texts. I have a hunch that one can read a network like one reads any […]

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Not “New,” “Good”

Will writes this week about some thinking inspired by a tweet from John Pederson: So when John Tweeted “Community building is the new professional development” it really resonated, because it suggests that unlike most so-called pd that schools offer, getting our heads and our practice around this is a process, not an event. It’s learning, […]

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The Podcast: Sharing Flipcharts

On this podcast, recorded during yesterday’s commute, I share a little bit about the meeting I was driving home from, a conversation about how best to share resources across districts in the middle of an environment that encourages a different sort of sharing. I then layout my idea for a possible sharing tool.  As always, […]

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The Lie of Community

I’m pleased to share that my presentation for this year’s K12Online Conference is now available.  In addition, there is also a supplemental blog and podcast for the presentation.  You might want to subscribe to that podcast – plenty of great conversations coming to that feed.  I might re-broadcast them here – but then again, I […]

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