#NPM2019: Prompt 0

Tomorrow begins National Poetry Month 2019. As I’ve done in years past, I’m using the blog to post a prompt a day to help you, but mostly me, spend the month with a few minutes for poetry writing each day. Should you wish to play along, feel free to share what you write – either as a comment or a trackback to this prompt.

Or don’t. It’s not so important that you tell the world that you wrote. But it is important to spend a few minutes playing with words.

As a new addition to the prompts this year, I want to play a little this month with what counts as poem and poetry. Katie and I have been writing and experimenting with complicating composition through the use of physical poems and robotics. Each Friday this month, I’ll post a prompt I hope you’ll use to make a physical poem, a poem made of things other than words.

I’ll play too, and share when I choose to. I ask the same of you.

Let’s be in a place of poiesis together.

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