Some Truth Amidst Our Tourism

My family spent some time today in Mesa Verde National Park. It’s my third or fourth trip here since my parents moved us to Colorado when I was in junior high school. I was excited to be there in part because it’s beautiful, in another part because it’s fascinating history, and in a third part […]

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Be Less Hesitant

This post is a bit dated – found it in the drafts folder, dusted it off, and am sharing it now.. The request hasn’t left my mind since offered a couple of months ago. I ended up have an unexpected visit with a mentor of mine yesterday.  It’d been a while since we’d talked and […]

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We’re reading Unmistakable Impact by Jim Knight together as a large team at work.  This is the second post in my series on that reading and reflection.  Here’s the first post. I highlighted an awful lot of chapter two of this book.  The chapter is a focus on partnerships – the necessary criteria for successful ones, […]

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Love in a Time of Schooling

You ever have one of those days where you’re in a hurry to get out the door? Maybe you’re eager to take your son or daughter out on an amazing adventure. You’ve got zoo tickets, or there’s a baseball game, or a carnival or a new museum’s opening. And you’re tight on time, so you’ve […]

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You’ve Just Got to Play

I like this description of science very much: Science is really about making models and about playing. Yes, playing. Playing isn’t just for kids, adults just get better toys. Look at the top image. This is a great example of playing. What is the goal of this paper-clip magnet interaction? There is no point except […]

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Play Is Hard Work, Part 1

In a series of posts, of which this is the first, I’d like to try to write my way through my thinking about play and love and culture and how I’ve been exploring those concepts lately.  In this post, I will attempt to give some background. Future posts in this series will attempt to move […]

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Schooling That Isn't School-y

I sat in on a meeting today of the organizers of our school district’s Innovation Academy, a summer STEM enrichment program that’s a partnership between the district and IBM.1 The DLC will be embedding a teacher research group within the Innovation Academy and its planning in order to see if the work they’re doing, and […]

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