#NPM2019: Prompt 1

Let’s begin again.

4 thoughts on “#NPM2019: Prompt 1

  1. Scattered tiles
    of letters dance
    into words, displaced
    and replaced symbols
    composed of strange markings
    we only are able to imagine
    when we are able to believe
    in the randomness
    of the connection
    of the page

  2. Luke says:

    Returning to the Tax Adventure

    So you were already turned
    Your head, whipped left, by your neck
    Who we all know really steers this ship
    Many happy returns
    And yet you can never go back
    To the same place twice
    That river ship has sailed
    And any return is taxing
    Stacked tiles of returns
    That tumble with a whisper of breeze
    Tiles tilting at the window
    Hoping to catch a glimpse of the wind
    Another windmill, another town over
    Another X for the tax man
    Another disappointing return for the adventurer

  3. Bud Hunt says:

    In School

    they said
    you could break down
    all languages
    to little pieces
    and then no more.

    they said
    people put them
    back together
    when they needed
    different words.

    How, I wondered,
    could they tell me
    all the wondrous things
    those sounds could do
    then mark my new ones

    they tried to tell me
    how the world worked
    but they showed me.

    — Bud Hunt
    April 1st, 2019


  4. Pull from the pile some letters at random.
    Some with high value do have a large fandom.
    In this game”any word” just cannot do
    Not even if it totally pleases you.
    The game has harsh rules, requiring words cross.
    No religious symbol, but pray if you can’t stand a loss.

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