The Week in Tweets for 2012-05-21

  • Wait. Monday’s over? #
  • It’s wrong that #civilunion legislation was blocked in the #coleg last week. It’d be wrong if it were blocked again today. #
  • New Research Tool in Google Docs. Sweet. #
  • Mark Wilding is talking about Engaged Teaching – social, emotional, & academic learning – at #colearning in 1 hour. #
  • Twenty five minutes until we visit with Mark Wilding to talk about engaged teaching. I hope you’ll be there. #
  • Seriously. You should come to this webinar on engaged teaching – starting in five. – #colearning #
  • @courosa It’s not *much* more organized. embrace the chaos. in reply to courosa #
  • Mark Wilding live now – talking about being engaged in our teaching – join us! http:/
    #colearning #
  • Five dimensions of engaged teaching – being present, cultivating an open heart . . .and more #colearning #
  • “If we cultivated these capacities, maybe our whole class could be a teachable moment.” #colearning #
  • “Respect and discipline come out of an open heart.” – Mark Wilding #colearning “Be curious about your feelings.” #
  • I know that I pay for Audible credits, but it still feels like I won a prize whenever they come. I suspect that’s by design. #
  • My cynic setting is too high this afternoon. Need to reset that. #
  • Hey, y’all – “edtech” isn’t a thing. It’s not. It’s poor shorthand for a lot of other things. Say those other things instead. #
  • Home today with the children. Should be fun. #
  • @MrChase Bravo. in reply to MrChase #
  • First in line for the library. Opens in five minutes. Big deal. #
  • “Daddy! That song from the Wii is on!” It’s “Funkytown.” My children know it from _Just Dance_. #
  • Quinn. Reading. @ Council Tree Library #
  • Read _Zone One_ over the weekend. Listened to a conversation with _The Walking Dead_ writers yesterday. Zombies are pretend, right? #
  • Sending Teagan off for her second set of tubes and to have her adenoid(s) removed. She’s so my kid. #
  • @merimom77 I have. Read it in a marathon session in a hotel room when on the road. Powerful. in reply to merimom77 #
  • @AndreaZellner Thank you kindly. in reply to AndreaZellner #
  • @mazinbenny Thanks. Not this time. Just got word – she’s through and fine. in reply to mazinbenny #
  • Teagan’s way braver than I am. What a kid. #
  • I kinda wish I were at #ewa12 Because I might be a geek. #
  • @erika_owens @mbteach Thanks for the assist, Erika! in reply to erika_owens #
  • @TraciLHaley Too true, alas. in reply to TraciLHaley #
  • I’d like to deny it, but I can’t help liking the music in the Tinkerbell movies. It’s not bad. #
  • Spring soccer over. Ani scored a goal on today’s constant, chilly drizzle. Happiest father ever. #
  • Just saw a spam press release. Chock full o’ SEO yuck. On a newspaper’s website. That was retweeted by a colleague.Ew. #
  • Oh. To be at #makerfaire That said, I’m watching some serious pillow fort building here. So perhaps I’m at Maker Faire – Fort Collins. #
  • @MrChase We are ready to have you. Although, we do require guests bring additional cushions for proper fort construction. in reply to MrChase #
  • @jonbecker Any chance you’ve an archive of #edcampfrontyard I’ve some dry spots and could use a tutorial. in reply to jonbecker #
  • @MrChase Arrangements can be made. in reply to MrChase #
  • have had a handful of CDs in my car for five years, waiting for the right moment to convert them. It’s time. #
  • Turns out I had a big pile of late 90’s angst rock in my glovebox. I’m cool with that. #
  • @dogtrax A couple of Dashboard Confessional discs, my favorite Samples’ double album, and some other odds and ends. in reply to dogtrax #
  • Playing MarioKart with Ani. Today, I’m still the master. But not for long. #
  • Getting fashion advice from Ms. the Teacher. It’s better that it’s happening via text. For both our sakes. #
  • Fine time at @Louannreid‘s welcoming @anterobot to town. Nice group o’ folks. And fine food, too. #
  • @dhudgins Sadly, I’ve only owned the Wiggles as digital downloads. in reply to dhudgins #
  • Sweet potato tater tots. Just saying. #
  • @Carenmac Nope. Alexia. From the store to my oven. in reply to Carenmac #
  • @chrislehmann Thanks, Chris! in reply to chrislehmann #
  • Tonight, I soldered for the first time since 8th grade. Then I said some bad words. Then I troubleshot. Then I did a happy dance. #win #

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