#NPM2012: Prompt 30

It’s the end of National Poetry Month 2012.  Where’re you headed next?

9 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 30

  1. (And finally …)

    The cop pulled me over and asked:
    why so many poems in so many days
    and where the hell do you think you’re going, anyway?
    He demanded my poet’s license and writing registration
    so I dug into my pocket for my papers and my pens
    and assorted ideas,
    shoving them into his outstretched hands,
    and watching him shuffle back to his cruiser,
    deep in thought.

    Out of his sight line,
    I secretly pulled out the scrap of paper
    where I had been dabbling with rhythm and rhyme for some time,
    thinking of how this might work here
    or how I might just save that for some other line
    when I heard his boots scraping against the pavement,
    and saw his face peering in at me.

    He let me off with a warning
    of writing too fast in an overly connected world
    and later, I noticed, in the margins of my poems,
    he had jotted down a few ideas for an unfinished piece
    and it all worked perfectly.

    (Thanks for sharing the adventure this month.)

    1. Margaret says:

      Kevin, you sped past me many poems ago. Great goin! You are my hero!

  2. Jordan Love says:

    I love this snap very much. It is awesome.

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