#NPM2012: Prompt 24

Today, be silly.  Spread claptrap and rubbish and drivel.

10 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 24

  1. I need a filter when I listen to you
    and all of your poppycock jargon
    about re-contextualizing this convergence
    and about synergizing around those outcomes
    and envisioning the game-changing benchmarks that will optimize multidisciplinary assessments … ahhh ….
    I tilt my ear to the ground
    in hope that the reverberations of your voice
    will finally bring some truth and clarity to your vocabulary.

    the podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/435173

    1. mselke01 says:

      Love it! I think I went off on a similar topic earlier this month 🙂

  2. pop zip
    lip hop
    tip top
    zap zop

  3. Midge says:

    If poetry
    causes us to make pictures in our minds
    surely the Thesaurus
    is a poet

  4. mselke01 says:

    Stuff and Nonsense

    Come along with me,
    my friends, and
    We shall sup a cup of tea

    Tea is the drink of choice,
    You see, when
    We discuss frivolity

    Poppycock and balderdash
    With a heaping side
    Of blue who hash

    When your cup of tea is done
    Declare, “clean cup!” and
    Move down one.

    May stuff and nonsense fill your day
    There really is no better way.

    Or so the young ones seem to say,
    So settle in all day and play.

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