#NPM2012: Prompt 23

I hope there’s someone with you for the tricky moments. There is, isn’t there?

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8 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 23

  1. mselke01 says:

    I had a little trouble with today’s prompt. I may have to return to it. I got a bit of poetry about friendship (though it’s rough and unfinished. I’m not thrilled with it because I got a rhyme and then couldn’t let go of the rhyme but wasn’t satisfied with it. (I had the more exact rhyme, too, but decided to go with a safer word choice for here.)

    Splash of color in a dingy day.
    Flash of a smile to light the way
    Celebrating when things go well
    Commiserating when it goes downhill

    And a haiku about the setting:

    Heavy clouds linger
    Scattered golden rays announce
    Sweet sunshine’s return

  2. in the rain
    through the sadness
    you come walking
    pink umbrella in hand
    a smile to wipe away my tears
    childhood friends
    know no boundaries

  3. Here:
    take my hand.
    I’ll walk with you in storms and high winds
    and turbulent times.
    I’ll shelter you as best as I can
    in hopes that you, too, will hold the umbrella over my head
    when the world suddenly, and unexpectedly, rains down on me.

  4. *I always hear a song first when I see these photo prompts. Today, “….gray skies are going to clear up..put on happy face!”
    so…..moving on to my own words/lyrics:

    together we’ll tackle those clouds
    forging along the shore
    together we’ll walk towards the sun
    dodging the drops of pain
    I think we can do this together

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