#NPM2012: Prompt 17

Some days, you can have the water, or the boat, but not both.  Which one’s worth having today?

25 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 17

  1. I no longer have the strength to push this boat into water
    and my patience for tides has run thin,
    so I guess I will sit here, dreaming of dolphins,
    and hope that the tilt of the world finally comes my way,
    so I can slide my way back into the world.

  2. mselke01 says:

    Come Sail Away

    “There is no frigate like a book” – Emily Dickinson

    Come along with me
    To realms of imagination

    We’ll sail across the sky
    To Neverland and
    never grow old
    Or discover Ghulheim
    beneath a grave
    and cry out
    To the Night-gaunts
    for rescue.

    Open a wardrobe door,
    Barge onto Platform 9 and three quarters,
    Fall into a rabbit hole.

    Weave a world of magic with
    Or words
    Or dance
    Or love.

    Quest, seek, struggle, and grow.
    Without leaving
    The comforts of home,
    And tea,
    in your cozy
    Hobbit hole

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