#NPM2012: Prompt 10

Once upon a time  .  .  .

16 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 10

  1. I’ve been long waiting for the day
    for the flowers to overtake this house
    in their quest to consume the sun –
    so I sit here in this window,
    twirl my fingers around the vines slowly strangling this ancient place,
    and wonder when the time will come
    when I will be able dance across the petals
    in celebration of freedom.

    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/421029

  2. Paul Yardley says:

    Nice Picture. Love the house.


  3. Amy Rudd says:

    Once upon a time…
    Imagine you are there
    trapsing through a house, belonging to a bear…
    wrecking things up, making a mess…
    my name is…
    do you have a guess?

  4. Danya Y. says:

    A beautiful house laid there,
    Flowers and leaves covering it
    From the outside world,
    From the devil and beasts.
    The house is pretty,
    I thought,
    But who lives there?
    My curiously let me knock
    On the door of a stranger,
    Someone I did not know.
    No one answered.
    I saw a sign
    And found out that
    The house was on sale.
    I might ask Mother to buy it,
    I thought,
    We were looking for a new home.
    This might be a great,
    New start for me!

  5. mselke01 says:

    (not my favorite one so far… but here goes!)

    Rainbow Chasers

    Wasted time – chasing rainbows.
    Waiting for that
    precise moment
    when the rain ceases,
    and sunlight gleams through.

    Wasted time – chasing rainbows.
    Take those moments and look
    instead of up.

    Cluster of bright umbrellas
    Parking lot of punch buggies
    A sea of flowers blooming
    Outside a quiet cottage

    Rainbows abound
    for those who look
    instead of up.

  6. It seems like
    only yesterday.
    Three summer weeks.
    A cottage,
    outside London.

    Oxford. Stratford.
    Castles. Trains.
    The Tower. Ravens.
    And the Thames.

    Three roundabouts ‘tween here and there.
    Walked first, and planned, ‘fore driven on the left.

    We sensed our first was on the way.
    in ’97 (B.K.)

    The prescient tele on the tube.
    The Teletubbies, uh-oh!
    (How much we watched it later!)
    And Riff Raff’s Crystal Maze,
    Before Survivor changed it all.

    It seems like
    only yesterday.
    Three summer weeks.
    A cottage,
    outside London.

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