#NPM2012: Prompt 8

Not one peep.

13 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 8

  1. Sitting in the pews –
    as silent as a mouse –
    the sermon rushed over him
    in dribs and drabs,
    catching only phrases
    of renewal and resurrection and hope
    as he daydreamed
    so that by the time he bit
    into the sugary cheep all he tasted
    was love.

    The podcast: http://cinch.fm/dogtrax/poetry-podcasts/419339

  2. mselke01 says:

    This is really true of my process. I check in first thing in the morning to see the daily prompt. All day, my mind whirls with thoughts. Today I kept chasing my tail. Is it about the “chicken and the egg”? Is it about the repeating cycle of life and rebirth? I was giving up, it just wasn’t there. Suddenly, it drew breath.


    Life hides within the shell
    Fragile, delicate, just
    A hairsbreadth away from destruction

    Ideas lurk within my mind
    Dancing, twisting
    Teasingly just out of grasp

    Nourish with gentle warmth
    Or blazing fire (if dragons you seek)

    Step back quickly and
    A miracle bursts free


  3. Danya y. says:

    Yellow chicks,
    Colorful eggs,
    And a bright sunny day.
    All this tell me that today is special,
    That today is going to be a happy day,
    That today is Easter Day.
    So be happy,
    And have a happy Easter,
    For I will too,
    And I know you will.

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