#NPM2012: Prompt 1

Slow down.  You’re already moving too fast.  What’s whizzing past that needs a closer look?

75 thoughts on “#NPM2012: Prompt 1

  1. – stop –
    it’s time for breath
    it’s time for reflection

    – slow down –
    it’s time for quiet
    it’s time for noticing the moments slipping past

    – find some space –
    it’s time for gentle dreaming
    it’s time for closed-eyes-dozing

    – stop –

  2. From A to B
    and naught between,
    save ‘chance a rest stop

    Blazing down the 401
    We pass,
    life by.
    To meet our next appointment.

    A Transporter,
    Would spare the driving time?
    And let us
    bypass more?

    It’s time for Spring.
    And Roses.

  3. Standing here
    Watching the traffic
    Racing beneath me
    I suddenly wish
    I could fly.
    I’d push myself
    To race above
    Oncoming traffic.
    An attempt to
    Feel faster
    Than I could

    Instead I stand here
    Over the cars
    Their speed giving me
    The illusion
    Of movement
    But only enough that
    I desire more.

  4. Janet Ilko says:

    highways and byways
    speeding through life,
    catching mere glimpses
    of the people and places
    we need to step outside
    into the warm grass and sunshine
    roads are meant to bring us together
    not to drift apart

  5. Danya y. says:

    Sitting in the car,
    That dashed through and through many street,
    I looked out the window to see how fast
    The car was going through,
    And realized it was going pretty fast.
    How I wish that my life is a car
    That could go fast through
    My life!

  6. M. David Waltour says:

    One of them cagers
    I ain’t seen yet
    Gonna have him a surprise
    When the scenery comes
    Right through his windscreen
    Feet first
    Or mebee I just make a speed bump
    Out of meself.
    I got nowhere to go.

  7. mselke01 says:


    Move, move, move.
    Fast, faster, step on the gas
    Places to be, things to do

    Breathe, take a moment to
    each succulent bite
    the fragrance of a new blossom
    your newborn’s cheek

    The highway of life will wait
    A moment longer.

  8. gilkatgil says:

    Learning to drive

    when you’re middle aged

    is terrifying



    I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Unless somehow

    you’re trapped

    in the country


    a friend to call your own.

    Then you better get your shit together

    and figure out which is the gas

    and which is the brake

    and get moving because

    there’s no subway.

  9. which moves faster
    the clouds
    a car
    my heart
    you running away

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