Letting (Them) Go

Richard Elmore:

I wonder, finally, what would happen if we simply opened the doors and let the students go; if we let them walk out of the dim light of the overhead projector into the sunlight; if we let them decide how, or whether, to engage this monolith? Would it be so terrible? Could it be worse than what they are currently experiencing? Would adults look at young people differently if they had to confront their children on the street, rather than locking them away in institutions? Would it force us to say more explicitly what a humane and healthy learning environment might look like? Should discussions of the future of school reform be less about the pet ideas of professional reformers and more about what we’re doing to young people in the institution called school?

via What Would Happen if We Let Them Go? – The Futures of School Reform – Education Week.

I wonder, often, about what might happen if we ended compulsory schooling.  Glad to know I’m not the only one.

2 thoughts on “Letting (Them) Go

  1. monika hardy says:

    i’m totally there Bud.
    i can’t not be there anymore.
    it’s bittersweet – yet i can’t not.
    our latest culmination of thoughts on the matter: http://www.slideshare.net/monk51295/drafting-bold-dreams

  2. John Larkin says:

    They are not schools. They are “conditioning centres”.

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