#ISTE11: On #engchat & Pauses

So last night’s #engchat, I think, went well – a good opportunity to be in physical fellowship and conversation with some folks and some virtual fellowship and conversation with others.  Thanks to Meenoo for letting me play along and for my friends at the for arranging the live venue1. I think the process of pausing […]

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#ISTE11: NWP's Inaugural Hack Jam

Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to attend the first ever , an exploration of the opportunities to fiddle with text and writing and code on the Internet.  It was a useful event for me, as we were able to think and play with ideas about what “hacking” means right now, and how it’s about […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2011-06-27

It's pancake day. Again. # Steak. Eggs. Coffee. #sogood # @samchaltain And why it matters. in reply to samchaltain # Important vacation work occurring. http://t.co/o1YjIVN # @KarenJan Nah. You need some reasons for kids to use a keyboard. Better than sites. And something gets done. in reply to KarenJan # @KarenJan They need to write […]

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Crap Detection: #ISTE11

I’m writing this morning from the Blogger’s Cafe at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia, PA.  I’m looking forward to three days of learning and thinking and conversation with lots of smart folks from all over doing interesting work to improve teaching and learning with technology. But I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t remember that […]

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#engchat: Twitter Chat with Purpose?

So I’ll be hosting #engchat on Monday, June 27th.  For the last few months, I’ve been wondering about Twitter chats in general, and their effectiveness.  Of course, to determine their effectiveness, one has to have a sense of their purpose.  And I can’t aways seem to tell the purpose of Twitter chats in general other […]

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The Week in Tweets for 2011-06-20

@tcarmody Bob Hoskins. Might be the exception that proves the rule. in reply to tcarmody # So. Toll road I was on this morning is hosting a Twitter chat later this week. Seems a mixed message. # @jonbecker Weird, huh? #TollRoadChat in reply to jonbecker # “The long-form article is not only alive, it is […]

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Wondering Vulnerably in Public

I had the chance to write this morning with friends and colleagues from the .  They were kind enough to let me come speak with them about some of the things I’m wondering about when it comes to writing and technology lately. Our prompt, at one point, was taken from a comment Claudia left here the […]

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