The Podcast: Purposeful Transparency

In today’s podcast, recorded on my way into town this morning, I talk about some of my learning and thinking from Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation.  Specifically, it’s a chance to respond to a question Zac sent my way regarding just what I meant when I said in my presentation on show and tell that you can choose how much is enough when it comes to transparency, or words to that effect.  Yeah.  It bothered me, too, when I said it, but not because I’m wrong.  I think.  Listen to the podcast and let me know what you think.

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If you get a chance, take a few minutes to read .  I’m still digging through them.  Thoughtful.

4 thoughts on “The Podcast: Purposeful Transparency

  1. Kate Newsham says:

    I was reading your blog, I became curious about the Learning 2.0 in Colorado so I checked out the link. On that page I found the most inspirational statement, “Education is conversation. Conversation creates change.”
    .-= Kate Newsham´s last blog ..Thing #12 =-.

  2. monika hardy says:

    purposeful transparency…
    productive eavesdropping…

    Bud – thank you for sharing topics/actions that matter in a most authentic way. Not only did your words and slides lead me to new thinking in my head, your actions (at your session) led me to improved practices in my classroom. Thank you for modeling what you talk about.

    I think what you say at the end of your podcast is key. Purposeful transparency is more about sharing what is worth sharing than about hiding the rest.

  3. Katie says:

    Thanks for the clarification on purposeful transparency. I loved your thoughts about sharing information, not to boast or create jealousy, but mearly to share so that perhaps greater learning can rise out of our collaborative ideas.
    Great podcast!

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