NPM2009: Prompt 21

Our Milky Way Galaxy..
Creative Commons License photo credit: Sir Mervs

It’s a pretty big place, this galaxy of ours.  And it’s only a small piece of a really big universe.  Today, try writing about something bigger than you, whatever that might be.

3 thoughts on “NPM2009: Prompt 21

  1. Stars

    I reach into you to find
    cascades of light
    years away from me
    bundled in a place
    I can see from the foothills
    of my home.

    Listen to the poem:

    Kevin Hodgsons last blog post..The Quidditch Rap Song

  2. Ken Allan says:

    “It’s been a long time since Cataclysm
    They said in the beginning it might be
    quite a journey. And so we are all here
    in one form or another. No one knew
    it would be so simple to start it off.

    Even Fermi didn’t, though more than most
    he had the insight. ‘So where are they all?’
    was what he put to them, knowing full well!

    Fermi? He’s over by the supernova.
    Can’t get him away from it. Addicted
    they say – he always was fanatical.
    Apparently he was among the first
    to congratulate Hawking when he got here.

    Hawking knew all along of course. It was
    only a matter of time. And before
    he let it all out it was far too late.”

    Ken Allans last blog post..Love The Conversation

  3. Bonnie K says:

    I have been visiting and enjoying the photos and words but not taking the plunge.
    I have the time now, jet lag coming to you from Israel and I am drawn in…

    I feel small
    Petty, in my focus
    But here in Tel Aviv
    Walking the beach every morning
    Watching Tuvia at the edge of the sea
    I’m beyond myself and my woes
    It’s so reassuring


    Bonnie Ks last blog post..Jet Lag continues: 113/365

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