NPM2009: Prompt 22

School Not Ready
Creative Commons License photo credit: Bud the Teacher

Rick Tanski sent this my way.  A delightful little poem in and of itself.  Looking forward to yours.

4 thoughts on “NPM2009: Prompt 22

  1. This Constructivism gleans the essence
    Of using ingenuity and skill
    In building understanding such would fill
    New learners with boundless experience;

    And not that there’s a bias to pretence,
    Nor erring yet towards a jaundiced will,
    It stimulates a tendency to thrill
    With learning although locking up the sense.

    If such an industry that strains the lock
    Would smith a key and open the consort
    Of knowledge like a witness in the dock,
    Then just as Jurisdiction tends the Court

    And rends the evidence from errant sleuth
    Would it dispel the doubt and find the truth?

    Ken Allans last blog post..Love The Conversation

  2. School Not Ready

    … neither am I, I sigh,
    blowing steam from my coffee mug
    and thinking about the stack of papers
    that did not grade themselves last night
    and the meeting I can look forward to
    when the day should really have ended
    or the tremors that will come
    with the phone call home to that family
    that never quite gets it,
    but I gather myself up into my own little space,
    fueled by thoughts that today
    may be the day I finally reach her as a writer
    and so, I am here, ready or not.

    Listen to the poem:

    Kevin Hodgsons last blog post..The Quidditch Rap Song

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