Going South

    As best as I can determine, the first reference on the Internet to my grandfather, a man that I know far too little about, is this one
    My given name, Edward, is/was/will always be his, too.  (Bud, the nickname that I’ve used for everyone except substitute teachers and bank tellers, is/was/will forever be my father’s father’s name.  I was named for both of my grandfathers.)
    I’ll be offline much of this week, with family in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where I used to play in my Granddaddy’s amazing garden.


6 thoughts on “Going South

  1. Chris Craft says:

    Wow! Headed for the Palmetto state!

    If you make it further south, let me know. I am about an hour south of Rock Hill in Columbia, SC. I’d love a cup of coffee if you get a free minute. I know it’s family time but if you end up on the road or anything, let me know.

    I’ll be in Tampa, FL until late Friday night (12.01) and back in full force Saturday morning.


    Chris Craft

  2. Malini Roy says:

    You commented a while back on one of my posts asking what an ELMO is. An ELMO is an overhead projector where the paper does not have to be transparency paper. I really enjoy using it to write notes for my students while lecturing. As I mentioned before, I used it once to read a book to my students so they could see the pictures. However, I found that the traditional way of reading a back to be much better. The ELMO seemed awkward for this purpose, and it was difficult to get the whole picture to show. Do you have these in your school?


  3. Oh no … Bud, I’m so sorry.

    Thinking of you.

    Your Friend,

  4. Bill says:

    So sorry to hear Bud. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Thanks for sharing though. This type of vulnerability, disclosure and personal touch remind me that blogging provides us with connections that run fairly deep. Never met you, only chatted with you briefly but your grief matters to me.

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